The OSINT CTF is a capture the flag contest centered around open source intelligence. Its purpose is to educate people, in a fun way, about how much personal information exists on the Internet.

This contest is NOT intended to embarrass anyone or make them feel uncomfortable. The information obtained during this contest is not to be used for any illegal activity, such as identity theft, fraud, etc.

Use ethical behavior: Do not attempt to collect confidential information from the target, do not use threats or foul language. Use common sense; if something seems unethical, don’t do it.

No paid search services can be used, even if it is free for a limited time. A URL must be available for each flag submission. We may ask for URLs from the winning teams and disqualify any source URLs that cannot be verified without requiring authentication beyond a generic LinkedIn, Spokeo, Twitter, Jigsaw, Flickr, Pastebin, shodan, Facebook, etc. account that has no connection with any of the targets.

Contestants are not allowed to call, email, or elicit information from the targets in ANY way.

CG Silvers Consulting reserves the right to disqualify any contestant that uses unethical means or disregards the intent of the contest.

Format DOES matter. Please read carefully and take note of the format for submitting screenshots and flags. If you believe you entered the correct flag, but your answer was marked incorrect, stop by the CG Silvers Consulting booth to check your formatting.

Contestants must be present at the awards presentation to win. For more information on this contest, please visit:
CG Silvers Consulting OSINT CTF